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How to earn free Bitcoin on FreeBitcoin - Get free Bitcoin for hours

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In this article, I will show you how to earn free Bitcoin on FreeBitcoin, this is a free hourly Bitcoin donation site, you only need to go to get free BTC once an hour.

How to register and earn free bitcoin with Freebitco.in

First you go to the page Freebitco.in here Or click on the banner below

Then click on SIGN UP to enter the mail name and password, then enter the captcha shown as the image below, then click SIGN UP below to create an account as shown below.

You can now log into the system to start receiving free bitcoins

After logging in by default you will be in the FREE BTC window, to receive bitcoin we will have to click on the white box in front of the word I am not a robot to confirm the captcha, when the confirmation is complete you press ROLL to perform dial, the maximum amount of free bitcoin can be equal to $200 and depending on the exchange rate of bitcoin at each time the amount of bitcoin will be adjusted accordingly.

After each spin timeout will appear until the next recording, usually every 60 minutes, you can check the Play sound when timer runs out to receive an alarm when the time is over

Increase the number of Bitcoin with Freebitco.in

To increase the number of bitcoins faster, you can join the channel created by Freebitco.in, here I will introduce some channels that I regularly participate in.


You can increase your number of BTC by placing a bet as follows enter the number of BTC you want to bet in the BET AMOUNT box and click on BET HI or BET LO to dial, the win and lose will be calculated as follows:

If you press BET HI, the number is greater than 5250 you win, the number is less than 5250, you will lose the amount of BTC bet

If you press BET LO and the number is small 4750 you win, the number is bigger than 4750 then you lose

Note: if the default WIN CHAGE is 47.5%, the win will be doubled the number of BTC bet, you can change this win rate, if the win rate is high then the winnings will be less if the win rate is low the winnings will be high, For example, if you leave WIN CHAGE at 9.5%, you win will be multiplied by 10 times the number of BTC bet


In this section, you scroll down to the Select Category section to select the betting category, there are many areas such as cryptocurrencies, politics, football, baseball, cricket, racing, rugby....

Send Bitcoin to Freebitco.in wallet to receive daily interest

You need to maintain a minimum balance of 30 000 satoshi wallet to receive interest of 4.01% per year, you can earn BTC on Freebitco.in or deposit BTC from outside by clicking DEPOSIT to get the wallet address link on Freebitco.in and transfer your external wallet

To find out more details, you can visit ERN BTC to clarify, if you do not know English, you can use google translate

Introduce friends to get commission

Go to the REFER section and scroll down to YOUR REFERAL URL to get your referral link, use this link to advertise to people on facebook or website to everyone. For each subscriber you can get a commission of 50% of the free bitcoins, 0.4% of the deposit and 25% of the daily interest of the person you refer

How to withdraw bitcoin on Freebitco.in

First to withdraw bitcoin on Freebitco.in, you must have a bitcoin wallet, to have a bitcoin wallet, you only need to register for an account on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bitmex, Remitano, Poloniex, Bittrex, Remitano....

Next, go to PROFILE and scroll down to CHANGE WITHDRAWAL ADDRESS to add the Bitcoin wallet address you are about to withdraw, enter the password of your Freebitco.in account and click on CHANGE to confirm the address of the added wallet.

After adding the wallet address, click WHITDRAW to withdraw bitcoin

The minimum number of bitcoin eligible to withdraw is 30,000 satoshi plus withdrawal fee, currently Freebitco.in has 3 forms of withdrawal as follows:

  • AUTO: This is the form of automatic withdrawal, if enabled automatically by ticking AUTO WITHDRAW for every 30,000 satoshi, the system will automatically withdraw to your wallet every Sunday, with a withdrawal fee of 247 satoshi
  • SLOW: withdrawal time of this form takes about 6-24h you will receive bitcoin, and withdraw all days of the week, the amount of BTC withdraws for you as long as it is greater than 30,000 satoshi plus withdrawal fee, the fee is also 247 satoshi
  • INSTANT: The withdrawal time of this form is extremely fast, only takes 15 minutes you were able to receive bitcoin, just like the form SLOW The amount of BTC withdraw depends on you as long as it is greater than 30,000 satoshi plus the withdrawal fee, due to the quick withdrawal, the fee for this form is also very expensive is 1050 satoshi


Above I have introduced how to earn free bitcoin with Freebitco.in, perhaps this is the most popular channel because of its reputation over the years, in addition to this Freebitco.in channel, you can refer to another channel. earn free bitcoin is also very reputable that I have introduced

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