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How to find ID of Facebook Fanpage simple easy to apply

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You are learning how to get the IP address of Facebook Fanpage. This is very simple because you only need to know the Facebook link so you can easily know its ID.

1 / What is Facebook Fanpage ID?

ID is an important sequence of numbers that helps define your Facebook Fanpage. Facebook they use this ID to identify among fanpage. Therefore, this ID is very important. From this ID, other people can know how many likes and follow your page easily.

2 / How to find Facebook ID?

To find out the Facebook ID, you just need to visit HERE and proceed step by step as follows

Step 1: You access and the above link will have the following results. Please pay attention to where you enter the Fanapge address box


Step 2: You enter the link to your Facebook Fanpage. For example: Facebook is abc and the link is Then you just need to copy and paste in the picture in step 1. Then click on Find numeric ID to finish.


Here you have found the Facebook Fanpage ID. It is very simple and easy, guys

3 / Summary

Some of my share on how to get a simple Facebook Fanpage ID quickly and help you. In the process of doing anything unclear, you can leave a comment or email yourself. I will support you.

Thank you for reviewing my share on how to get the ID of Facebook Fanpage.

Good luck !

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