Instructions for automatically submitting a Sitemap to the latest Google Search Console

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Hello everyone, today I will guide you how to automatically send a sitemap to Google latest and simplest 2020


1 – Website registered with search console and submitted sitemap

2 – Server/vps/hosting that supports cronjob

I) Initialize and test ping sitemap to Google Search Console

The ping sitemap address to google is currently: http://google.com.vn/ping?sitemap={domainurl/sitemap.extension}

For example: https://notref.com/sitemap.xml -> ping sitemap would be: http://google.com.vn/ping?sitemap=https://notref.com/sitemap.xml

Results Google returns:

Received Sitemap Notice

Your Sitemap has been successfully added to our list of Sitemaps for crawling. If this is the first time you are notifying Google about this Sitemap, add it with http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ so you can track its status. Please note that we do not add all submitted URLs to our index and we cannot predict or guarantee the timing or whether they will appear..

Check by going to the search console to see if the number of urls has increased or not, if so, then it is considered a successful ping sitemap (of course, there must be a new url in the sitemap).

II) Set automatically ping/submit sitemap to Search Console

Simply create a Cronjob CURL to the ping sitemap link as step I, and set the ping time depending on the ability to produce articles from your website, here I will set the time to send requests to the search console every hour, so my cronjob looks like this:

0 * * * * curl http://google.com.vn/ping?sitemap=https://notref.com/sitemap.xml

How to install cronjob:

If you are using server/vps, type the command:

#export VISUAL=nano; crontab -e and enter

Paste the conjob above and press the key combination

Ctrl + O (to save) and Ctrl + X to exit, you will server/vps notification

crontab : installing new crontab installed successfully crontab

If you are using hosting controlpanel :

I will for example with DirectAdmin, Go to cronjob and enter the following content and click Add

OK, with other hosting control panels like Cpanel, Plesk...then you do the same, it only differs slightly in interface but the theory is no different

Okay, good luck!

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