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Origin and goal of the Ethereum platform

23902 Views |   Notred | 30/07/2020

Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum in 2014 to overcome Bitcoin's disadvantages and harness the potential of blockchain technology.


Analyst: Altcoin price increase signals the start of the altseason

23388 Views |   Notred | 30/07/2020

The majority of the cryptocurrency market is on an upward trend in 2019. After reaching a high in June, the prices of most coins fell. In particular, Bitcoin price has a higher growth rate and a lower decrease rate than most altcoins.


How many people actually own at least 1 Bitcoin?

26359 Views |   Notred | 09/05/2020

Born as a currency to remove financial barriers around the world, Bitcoin has now been doing its job well, although many times it has decreased to the point that many people think this currency is the same market. Cryptocurrency schools are on the verge of collapse. However, with a limit of only 21 million BTC, only those who come early can keep themselves a significant portion of BTC.


Bitcoin Continues to Climb Amid Risk Aversion

26513 Views |   Notred | 08/05/2020

As the crisis between the United States and Iran has calmed down, the prices for both spot golds and oils have fallen. On the other hand, Bitcoin has overcome last year’s slump and hit $10,000 for the first time in five months.

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